A new-build, low-maintenance garden


The garden is 25m x 5m. The house was a ‘new build’ with existing wooden decking, two specimen trees and a shed, as shown on the left.

The owners wanted something very low maintenance but with a raised bed for some vegetables and a place to sit in the sun and have a barbecue. By breaking up the length of the garden using simple trellis panels, different areas are created and there is the opportunity to display feature plants. The gravel borders are very effective at keeping weeds down, whilst being flexible enough to add new plants as required. This was a first garden, for a couple who are just beginning their journey with gardening – simplicity with opportunity – that was what I aimed for.

new-build-after-lengthMy solution:

  • Trellis partitions to break up the long, narrow shape.
  • A circular patio for dining
  • A raised vegetable bed
  • A stepping-stone path
  • Gravel-mulched borders edged with bricks that match the house.

The cost of this simple garden design, construction and supply of plants, hard landscaping materials and labour, came to £2,500.