balcony-cropQ Do you do general garden work?

A Yes, I can cover many general jobs: pruning, weeding flowerbeds, clearing your garden for the winter. For jobs like this, I charge £20 an hour.

Q My garden is completely overgrown. Can you help?
A Yes, certainly! A complete overhaul of a garden that’s gone wild – if it’s an average size of around 20ft wide and 100ft long – is usually about ten hours’ work. I would clear all the weeds, prune all the shrubs, and dispose of all rubbish.

Q Could you mow my lawn?
A Sorry, that’s not something I do.

Q Could you cut my hedge or take an overhanging branch off a tree?
A Sorry, tree surgery and hedge cutting require specialised equipment, so I don’t cover them.

Q Do you do large gardens requiring major construction work?

Sorry, I am a small business and do not undertake large construction works.